Where to Buy

“HSA would like to remind consumers of the dangers of purchasing health products from dubious sources, including the Internet. Consumers should be wary when buying health products online as they may be illegal, counterfeit or substandard, and may contain undeclared ingredients which can harm your health.”

– Health Science Authority, Singapore.

HSA said it is working closely with major e-commerce sites like Carousell and Qoo10 to take down posts selling illegal health products.


Please only purchase from Vennbio authorized distributors to ensure quality and authenticity. You can find your local distributors in our “Where to Buy” page.

Should you come across a website or web listing, a clinic or a retailer that claims to offer Crystal Tomato® products or claims to offer Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids in their product, you may verify the authenticity of these claims by filling in the form below. This not only helps us to identify false representation and counterfeits but also helps to ensure that you only purchase the quality of authentic Crystal Tomato® products.

NOTICE: Rebranding of Crystal Tomato® in Malaysia.

Crystal Tomato® dietary supplement is a registered trademark of Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte. Ltd, Singapore for worldwide distributions. Due to registration requirement by National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Heath Malaysia, NPCB has imposed mandatory conditions that Vennbio Nutriceutical Sdn Bhd must comply :

  • The brand name is required to be changed from Crystal Tomato® to Crystal Tomato® Plus.
  • A hologram sticker issued by KKM for security, authentication and protection against counterfeit.
  • A sticker with the product registration number “MAL14125030NC” to be present on the packaging.