Diva: A pill for better skin?

DIVAASIA.COM: If there was a magic pill you could take to get rid of pigmentation instead of slapping on skin-lightening creams that barely lighten spots, never mind erasing them totally, would you take it?

The skincare industry says that you will, which is why every so often a so-called breakthrough product comes on the market that promises to make you instantly – or at least eventually – free from all beauty woes.

That magic pill has since appeared – supposedly for the first time – in the form of Crystal Tomato Skin Whitening, an oral supplement which claims to give you fair and spot-free skin in two to four months.

Skincare distributor Gromark teamed up with scientist Alain Khaiat to develop Crystal Tomato, which contains a special Colour Less Carotenoid (CLC) ingredient derived from “crystal” or white tomatoes. The supplement is meant to reduce melasma and also prevent hyper- pigmentation.

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